4 Life Lessons Learned from Mitt Romney

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Advice for succeeding in public relations, and life in general

Mitt Romney, the successful businessman, presidential candidate and father, is no

The 5 Awkward Truths About Professional Speaking

March 12, 2015 / PR Strategy

Dunn sold his family research business to Utah’s in 2002. Today he is co-founder with TJ Hoisington, professional speaker and co-author with Ken Blanchard of The One Minute Manager of Dunn Hoisington Leadership International, which provides leadership teaching to organizations in most parts of the world.

How Body Language Influences PR

December 18, 2014 / Blog / Communication Tips / PR Strategy

This week I met sales and body language expert Linda Clemons at the CEO Space December Forum in Las Vegas. Clemons’ clients have included Major League Baseball, U.S.Customs and the FBI. She assists in jury selections and has advised a number of Fortune 500 firms.

Success at Success Stories

November 14, 2013 / Blog / Communication Tips / PR Strategy / PR Tips

Writing and marketing customer success stories is a frequently used PR tactic and has many applications: Sales people use them to show competency and offer third-party endorsement to potential clients; reporters love the real-world story of how your product or service is used; the content is great online and in marketing slicks, and is easily edited to apply for awards or for other publicity purposes.

Are You Prepared? Record Number Of Cyber Attacks Target Small Business

September 18, 2013 / Blog / Crisis PR / PR Strategy

If you think your business is too small to be an attractive target for cyber criminals or you don’t have anything worth stealing, think again: The 2012 Data Breach Investigations Study by Verizon shows that in 855 data breaches they examined, 71 percent occurred in businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Forget SEO Tactics. Put Your Audience First

July 3, 2013 / Blog / PR Strategy

Do you want to succeed as a communicator at any level? Then first and foremost, your agenda should be to attract viewers and readers who are genuinely interested in your message and topic. How do you do that? The solution is simple. Deliver content that is genuinely interesting.

The 15 Steps To ‘Power SEO’ (PR Is The New SEO)

June 5, 2013 / Blog / Brand Development / Brand Management / PR Strategy / PR Tips

I particularly enjoyed Jayson DeMers’ article on the 3 pillars of SEO in 2013 – and I especially add my vote of emphasis to his pillar #3 – Making Friends, Engaging and Sharing Content.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing Your PR Strategy

July 23, 2012 / Blog / PR Strategy

Before any company embarks on a public relations campaign, the most important thing they can do is write key messaging. When a business puts together a new PR strategy they need to focus on a clear and concise message that their target audience can relate to.

Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

June 28, 2012 / Blog / PR Strategy

I’m not from Missouri. I’ve never even been to Missouri, unless layovers in St. Louis count. Even though I have no relationship with “The Show Me State”, their mantra resonates with me in

Can Somebody Please Be Prepared!

June 12, 2012 / Blog / Crisis PR / PR Strategy

BA Hall of Famer and analyst Bill Walton is famous for making a plea for players to get a rebound during games. Quite often you’ll hear Walton say, “Can somebody please get a rebound!”

PR is Chess, not Checkers

May 17, 2012 / Blog / PR Strategy

Recently I’ve been thinking about the speed of PR. Public Relations is unique because in many ways it’s extremely fast-paced, but at the same time it can take a while to see traction, particularly on the client side.