SnappConner PR Partners with US CXA Awards and Joins a Global Community of CX Excellence

SnappConner PR is thrilled to announce that the firm has partnered with the prestigious US Customer Experience Awards™, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to helping clients get recognized for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The US Customer Experience Awards™ (US CXA Awards) is a globally acclaimed platform dedicated to honoring and celebrating exceptional CX initiatives across the United States. Together with their impartial judges and through the ethical scoring process, they award the most impactful entries with the most coveted title—the US CXA™ winner.

Cheryl Snapp Conner, SnappConner PR’s founder and CEO, will join the experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals on the judging panel for the US CXA Awards Final on May 15, 2024.

At SnappConner PR, we understand the critical role that customer experience plays in shaping the success of businesses. By aligning ourselves with the US CXA 24 Awards, we are now part of a thriving global community of CX professionals. This community is a melting pot of expertise where learning, networking, idea-sharing and discovering new opportunities are at the forefront. As a member of this exclusive community, we extend clients a wealth of resources, industry insights and best practices to propel their CX strategies to new heights.

Networking for Success

In the world of PR and customer experience, networking is paramount. The partnership provides our clients unparalleled opportunities to connect with CX leaders, influencers and professionals worldwide. We are excited to engage in meaningful conversations, share our insights and gain fresh perspectives that will contribute to our clients’ continuous growth and success.

 Unlocking New Possibilities

By partnering with the US CXA 24 Awards, we are unlocking new possibilities for our clients. The enhanced visibility and recognition that come from winning a US CXA award opens doors to exciting business opportunities, collaborations and partnerships. We are ready to leverage this platform to elevate our clients further and showcase their commitment to excellence in customer experience.

SnappConner PR is proud to partner with the US CXA 24 Awards. This partnership reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of CX excellence for our clients. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to making a lasting impact in the world of customer experience alongside the US CXA 24 Awards community.

Are you interested in applying for the CXA awards? SnappConner PR can assist your company through the entire award process, from crafting the written portion to preparing for the final presentation. Reach out here.