Learn to Tell Your Story: Content University™ is Now Available From SnappConner PR

June 22, 2015 / Business News / Press Releases / Thought Leadership

Content University™ is an in-depth program that trains and prepares individuals and executives to become expert content authors and creators. ContentU teaches participants to tell the best and most interesting stories available—the ones that exist in the minds of their own executives and within their company walls.

Utah Economy Rocks On; Business Thrives

January 14, 2015 / Blog / Business News / Local Business

The Utah economy rocks on in 2015 following one of the biggest economic years ever. In 2014, Utah continually ranked as one of the best places to conduct business, unemployment hit its lowest rate in years, nearly $1 billion in venture capital investment flowed into the state, Utah companies began to find it difficult to recruit enough people they needed and some of the biggest executive names in the country permanently relocated to the state.

Utah Deals Grew Significantly in 2012 Lead by Big Name M&A

May 21, 2013 / Blog / Business News / Local Business / News

Last Thursday I attended the MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN) Deal Flow event. I’ve attended the event many times over the years, but this year’s was different. The 18th annual Deal Flow report of all Utah deals conducted in 2012 grew substantially. It was in fact, the largest deal year in Utah in about 14 years.

Google Glass: Just For Men?

May 15, 2013 / Blog / Brand Development / Business News / Business Strategy / Gadgets / Technology

Friend and fellow communications writer Sarah Buhr just raised an interesting point this morning in a guest OpEd for USA Today: Hey, Google Glass—Where the ladies at?

Cheryl Snapp Conner in Sales Superstarts Panel

April 29, 2013 / Business News / Events / Local Business / Snapp Conner PR

For the best sales training and information you’ve got to check out the “Sales Superstars Panel” featuring the very best around, such as Ken Krogue from, Brandon Fugal from Coldwell Banker Commercial, Dallas Robinson, entrepreneur and founder of Kisstixx, Brad Jensen of Griffin Hill, Cheryl Conner, founder of Snapp Conner and Dylan Ferguson of

Apiary Fund – Can Personality Traits Help Make You a Better Investor?

January 23, 2013 / Blog / Business News / Personal Development / Snapp Conner PR

Today I participated in Apiary Fund’s new Investor Profile released today. The profile is a personality assessment tool designed to help investors recognize personal characteristics beneficial or detrimental to their investment strategies.