Why You Don’t Need To Wait To Start A PR Program

When is the right time to hire a PR agency? How can you find a PR agency that is right for you? If you are a start-up company your cash is precious and you may not be ready to commit to a relationship with a PR agency. But wouldn’t it be great to at least know where things stand with your online reputation, and to have a crisis plan ready before you need it?
Snapp Conner PR hears your dilemma and has some great tools to help you benefit from PR, well before you are ready to make the commitment:
The PR Scorecard is available now from Snapp Conner PR and within 60 seconds will give you baseline information about your online brand. It will assign you a score in six different areas that you can promote or keep secret. Even better, you will also be given tips that you can easily implement on your own to boost that score. Downloadable templates will guide you through the PR process and even help make sure you are ready with a crisis plan. This is free and something you can do on your own at any time.
A second tool, MyPRToolbox, is coming soon and will allow you to inexpensively create and execute much of your own PR strategies and benefit from increased visibility and business even in the early stages. MyPRToolbox will provide access to all the industry tools at an affordable rate.
Cheryl Conner, managing partner at Snapp Conner PR, says she has always “been compelled to provide a solution for the thousands of small organizations who reach out to us who aren’t yet ready for a PR agency relationship and are unsure of how and when to begin.”
“As a progressive PR agency, we are thinking way outside of the box on the new tools we are offering and try to do ourselves everything that we tell our clients to do in terms of advancing communications as a core business strategy,” continued Conner.
What’s your PR Score and when will you start?