Once you’ve begun a public relations initiative, it is important to maintain a steady flow of news. Communicatively speaking, nothing could be more detrimental to your business than to go quiet.

Regardless of extreme optimisms, human nature tends to gravitate toward the negative; and when your company stops making noise, the media began to wonder what is going on behind the closed doors. Or worse, they forget about you.

This is why it is imperative to continue sending out regular press releases, and conducting outreach. If you feel that there is little or no news to share, take a look back at where you’ve been and what has been completed. Is there something you could share about the growth your company has experienced? Is there an anniversary coming up? How do you compare with where you were last year this time?

Be creative about the news you share. You may not get the intended coverage as with the launch of a new product; however, simply continuing the conversation helps the media know they are working with a company that is more than just a “flash in the pan.”