The Real Killer App

I recently finished the book “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sanders, the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo!. It was loaned to me by Clay Blackham, here at Snapp Conner (thanks Clay!). It’s a great, quick read, which brings the human element back into business. It contains practical application on being lovable, smart, giving and showing compassion, without expectation, by being a “lovecat”, in three main areas, namely:

Knowledge: Tim recommends that you increase your self-worth by reading lots of leading-edge books in your areas of expertise, marking them up, internalizing the content, distilling the ‘big thoughts, and then sharing them with as many people as possible.  

Network: This is our network of friends, associates, business contacts, etc.  We should always search for opportunities to connect people where there may be a benefit for them, not for us.  We should do this without expectation of reward.  Once the connection is made, we should remove ourselves from the equation

Compassion: Tim defines love as “the selfless promotion of the growth of others”.  This is just being genuine and showing love towards others by being interested in them as human beings.  This includes the aspects of genuine handshakes, hugs, and being interested in how the other person is really doing.  

The value of what we know and who we know increases substantially when we choose to share these gifts, with love, with as many people as we can.  By applying these principles, we not only help others to become better people, feel loved & accepted, and create opportunities for them, we also improve our net worth as personal contributors within our organizations, and as individuals.  This becomes huge as we discuss Personal Branding, our next topic…..