You’ve got the hottest new widget, and you want the world to know about it. That’s understandable. But, before you go off spamming the world, take a minute to develop an appropriate target list of individuals who will take an interest.

I recently read a disgruntled blog entry about spamming from Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Wired. He proceeded to rant about PR individuals who do not take time to get to know the people they are pitching. Therefore as a result of averaging more than 300 e-mails a day, he decided to publish a list of e-mail addresses that have been blacklisted for frivolous spamming.

Thankfully, no SCPR addresses were found on his list.

Lesson learned: Take time to research the people you are sending your press release, and other news. It is far better to send your information to 10 people you know are going to respond favorably, rather than shot gunning 1,000.

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