How do you survive when your reputation is challenged publicly; let alone thrive?

When your company undergoes fierce media criticism, it takes a lot of self control to not lash out against any false, defamatory or misleading claims.

Goodwill is the most valuable asset of any company. When that reputation is threatened, protecting it becomes the highest priority. This is particularly true in today’s news cycle. News disseminates, whether true or not, in real-time via electronic media (Web 2.0, blogging, etc.).

The danger of this is the potential of hearsay. Some bloggers may post news live, as it is happening, often neglecting critical editing as with other media. Maintaining a clear message at this point becomes even more critical since it is such a pervasive and persuasive medium.

To emerge unscathed is virtually impossible, but if an organization acts in real-time, presenting the appropriate message, the story can become more easily managed before it spins out of control.

Key points to aware of during a time of crisis:

  • Respond quickly with appropriate messaging
  • Find the main reason for the crisis immediately
  • Support the media by providing information as often as it becomes available
  • Consider the most effective form of media to disseminate the message
  • See the story through to the end