There is something to be said about the ol’ adage, “Short, Sweet and to the Point; when pitching a story to the media, nothing could say it simpler. And to put it frankly, the media runs on deadlines. Any time you keep them from writing a compelling story for their audience is only going to waste your time and make them disgruntled.

Here are just a couple helpful hints when drafting a pitch for the media.

  • Include answers to the six basic questions any reporter wants to know (Who, What, Where Why, When and How).
  • For the most part, omit any unnecessary fluff words. (i.e. revolutionary, greatest, state-of-the-art) These words only end up taking space and require additional proof to credential what you are trying to pitch.
  • If you are uneasy making the pitch via phone, try practicing your pitch with someone else or consider sending an e-mail.

In short, present your message in an open, honest, yet enthusiastic manner. This will let the reporter know that you understand their time constraints, but that you are not just presenting another rote pitch.