A lot of details go into launching a new product/service, or even making the “big” announcement. On the PR side those can include (but not limited to) briefing analysts, reviewing messaging, developing collateral and even drafting a press release.

However with all the preparation that takes place beforehand, you cannot neglect having key executive spokespersons available for media when the calls start coming in.

A perfect example of everything working like clockwork is Cemaphore’s MailShadowG launch, which took place yesterday. This is an announcement that broke in the NY Times, in a Scobleizer blog by Robert Scoble, and subsequently by more than 31 additional editors and publications in the space of the announcement’s first 24 hours.

All prep work was done well in advance, and after the press release went out the phones started ringing. Having discussed availability prior to the launch made it easy for the Snapp Conner PR team to reach key executives immediately and secure interviews.

Congratulations Cemaphore for a successful launch of MailShadowG. We’ll be sharing much more about this PR launch within the next several days.