Learn Forex Trading at Apiary Fund Summit

Every year, Apiary Fund ( conducts two Apiary Fund Summits in Sandy, Utah. The Summit ( is always on weekdays instead of weekends so that live Forex trading can be conducted during trading hours. The Fall Summit is Sept. 2-4.
“We spend a lot of time training and teaching people to become traders, and we communicate a lot with our traders on new techniques, new ideas and different ways to approach successful trading,” said Shawn Lucas, CEO and founder of Apiary Fund. “The Summit is a place where we can all get together and learn together on trading techniques. The people who participate feel they leave the Summit better educated and better prepared to make successful trades. It also gives them an opportunity to meet with and know me and my staff – the managers and operators of the Apiary Fund.”
The Forex trading market (foreign currency exchange) has no central exchange, and yet it is the largest liquid market in the world. As a $4 trillion per day exchange, Forex provides traders with several different benefits. The market is virtually free of external controls – even the largest banks find it difficult to control due to the vast amounts of cash that would be required. This provides an even playing field for individual traders and small trading operations.
The Apiary Fund was started to help every day people first learn how to trade in Forex utilizing the Apiary Fund and then actually make trades. There is no risk or investment required on the part of participants since they are trading exclusively with Apiary’s funds. During the training period, participants learn how to trade and conduct simulated trades to ensure they know the proper techniques for success. Once they receive a certain level of proficiency, they become traders and are allowed to trade for the Apiary Fund and share in the profits of successful trades.
The Apiary Fund Summit brings participants and traders together to share, learn and see how actual trades are conducted. Techniques are taught to help traders increase their success rate. Important trading concepts such as volatility, volume and leverage are taught. Additionally, participants go through the 12 lessons of Apiary Fund’s 12-course Trader Development  Program.
The Summit is open to the public. People can register at