Broadcast media (TV, radio, streaming online) can be a very effective outlet for creating awareness for your business, generating public support, building investor relations and simply getting customers. But while just sending a press release to an assignment editor or producer will sometimes land you a spot, there are several ways of increasing your success when pitching to a broadcast outlet.

Know the show

Knowing a little out a particular show or segment will go a long way when making a pitch. If you already know who the show is targeting, what their goals are and what the general viewer/listener is looking for, you can include that in your pitch.

Why they care

One of the most common phrases you’ll hear in story idea meetings is, “Why do I care?” Simply announcing something in a press release usually won’t be enough to get them interested. Take a minute to tailor a message to their particular programming. If it’s a news show, tell them how it will benefit their viewers/listeners.

Cut the fluff

Assignment editors and producers are extremely busy. They don’t have time to sift through all of the information in every press release they receive (usually hundreds per day). Get to the point as soon as you can and leave out information that isn’t particularly important. Make sure to include contact information, times, dates and addresses.

While there are many ways to generate interest from broadcast outlets simply taking a few extra minutes to find out who you are dealing with will go along way.