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Cheryl Snapp Conner
Communications, Online Reputation & Business
Founder and managing partner of SnappConner PR, has more than 26 years experience in public relations for individuals and organizations ranging from growth and start up organizations to Fortune 500 technology firms.
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A. Cory Maloy
Thought Leadership, PR & Communication
A. Cory Maloy is a veteran PR professional with more than 20 years experience developing public relations strategies for companies and executives in a variety of industries.
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Lauren Solomon
Image & Business Expert
Lauren Solomon teaches the art of being your very best self – your most confident, capable and charismatic self – from the inside out, right now - has transformed the lives of clients around the globe.
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Thomas C. Post, Ph.D.
Content Creation, Publishing, Business Communications
Thomas Post, longtime journalism and editorial expert, speaks on trends in journalism, publishing and business communications and teaches companies and executives about the advantages of telling their corporate stories well.
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Devin Thorpe
Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Investing
Devin's mission is to solve some of the world's biggest problems before 2045 by identifying and championing the work of experts who have created credible plans and programs to end them once and for all.
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David Sturt
Best Selling Author of The Book "Great Work"
David has developed products and services that engage employees, inspire contribution, and reward outstanding results in organizations around the world and regulary consults with Fortune 1000 leaders.
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Dave Hall
“It’s not a trampoline. It’s a Cellerciser™.” Work out your arms, legs and every muscle in your body, at the same time. Stay fit in 10 minutes a day!
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Dr. Jeff Magee
American Business Guru
Jeff has been called one of today's leading Leadership & Marketing Strategists and is the author of more than 20 books, two college text books, four best sellers, and the Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine.
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Harry Lay
Profit Enhancer, Business Strategy
Harry Lay is the trusted advisor to CEO's and business leaders worldwide and serves as the voice of experience as well as the clear and constant sounding board to help propel new and seasoned leadership to extraordinary success.
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David Corbin
David Corbin, former President of public and private companies, delivers “get real” talks and solid strategies for building corporate culture, brand integrity and navigating change.
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Judy Robinett
Super Connector, Entrepreneur, Funding Strategist
Robinett is a business thought leader who is a sterling example of the new breed of “super connectors” who use their experience and networks to accelerate growth and enhance profitability.
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Dr. David Gruder
America’s Integrity Expert
Psychologist Dr. David Gruder, PhD, is a thought leader, integrity expert, Collaborative Culture Architect™, MacroMentor™, speaker, trainer, media guest, and 8-award-winning author.
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Mark Fredrickson, APR
Marketing Strategy, Conversion Optimization
Mark Fredrickson coaches companies on developing high-powered marketing strategies, including how to convert website traffic into better leads and more sales.
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Wendy Darling
Personal Achievement
Wendy is dedicated to the decoding and unraveling of what needs to happen to create permanent change. She works with people who are ‘going for it’, but have something holding them back, causing unnecessary interference.
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Ryan Westwood
All Things Entrepreneur
Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur and an Inc 500 CEO who has successfully exited two companies. He is a contributor at Forbes and currently building his next venture: Outbox Systems.
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Berny Dohrmann
Cooperative Capitalism
Berny Dohrmann is an internationally recognized capital strategist, revenue accelerator, and economic innovator. He is the Founder and Chairman of CEO Space International.
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Paul Lemberg
Sales & Business Strategy
Paul has worked directly with owners of international businesses, ranging from solopreneurs, lifestyle businesses, investor-backed startups, and mature businesses with tens of millions in sales.
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Bob Johnson
Collaboration, Diversity, Achievement
Bob Johnson brings a broad base of experience in executive development, organizational effectiveness and business processes, public speaking, and international management.
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Trina Brinkman
Youth Enrichment, Personal Growth
Trina is the Director of Speaker Development for SnappConner PR, and brings education, experience and talent to move her clients into the realm of Opinion Leader.
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David Bradford
Power Connector, Author, Business Strategist
As a proven business leader with over 30 years of experience in the computer industry, David is known for accelerating the growth and performance of game-changing organizations.