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How far can your company go? Snapp Conner PR approaches every opportunity strategically, utilizing a proven convergence of tools and strategies designed to help your organization achieve its objectives.

Traditional earned media – These are the services that are at the core of any strong PR program. Strong and insightful press releases, editorial calendar activity, article pitching and placement and event management serve as the heart of a program for strong and comprehensive PR.

Thought Leadership – Increasingly, PR is not about what you sell, but more about what you know and can teach that makes the product or service you sell so worthwhile. Every company and organization has some elements of core expertise that are driving the need for the products they develop and sell. Source interviews, columns, blog and feature articles, videos, webinars and ebooks are all important means of communicating the leadership messages and expertise your company and spokespeople provide.

Authorship – In a similar vein to thought leadership, the iconic leaders in an organization can be ideal columnists and speakers whose wisdom and materials can be highly valuable towards advancing the education, the messages and the understanding that will benefit your organization’s overall goals.

Content Creation – A comprehensive communications program should include elements such as blog articles, videos, white papers and perhaps even webinars, ebooks, or course curriculum that communicate and educate on the core messages that support a company’s mission and goals.

Social Media – Social media is an essential element of public relations as a vital mechanism for advancing the news and messages that originate through PR. Using social media as only a means of sharing PR news, however, is an incomplete (or even detrimental) strategy for accomplishing overall communications and PR goals. Using social media effectively as a PR mechanism can make business communications far more effective in accomplishing a company’s goals.

Video – Video content is king in the world of SEO and communications. Building and sharing effective video content is essential to an organization’s overall program for strategic communications.

PR Integration with Lead Generation and Sales – PR is not sales. However, the integration of PR with sales and lead generation is one of a company’s greatest strategic weapons for effectively accomplishing revenue goals. Strong PR content can drive the SEO results that produce business leads and that also serve as the functional “due diligence” that helps customer interest—from any source—convert more readily into active leads, and ultimately into sales. Strong PR content is also the ideal information for salespeople to share with prospective customers and to use as the core of its email and direct mail campaigns.

PR-Driven SEO – The art and science of using quality content – real content as opposed to contrived key-word appearances – is a core PR strategy that Snapp Conner PR is working to drive and advance. Traditional SEO, as we currently know it, is diminishing rapidly in effectiveness and relevance. Strong PR content is fast becoming SEO’s greatest friend. These activities and programs are the ways PR can help to advance a company’s SEO outcome and strengths.

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